RMH now works with Adyen’s payment terminals

Advantage Solutions are proud to announce integration of RMH’s Point of Sale (POS) application with Adyen’s payment terminals.

Payments can be accepted on a Card Terminal / Pin Pad without the need for staff to touch the Pin Pad. The transaction value is automatically sent to the Card Terminal and approval or denied messages are presented to shop staff in the RMH POS application. No longer do shop staff need to enter amounts into the Card Terminal, improving payment accuracy and increasing the speed of processing transactions.

Additionally, unlike previous integrations, Adyen supports the ability for a Card Terminal to be connected to multiple registers, saving on Card Terminal rentals.

For further information on RMH working with Adyen, please contact us here.

For further information on Adyen, please check out their website: www.adyen.com

RMH Central update

RMH 6-month update Webinar, introducing RMH Central

1st August 2018 at 10am AEST

Ideal for RMH partners, ISVs, distributors, resellers and retailers, this 6-month RMH Product Update Webinar will give you an insider’s look into everything you need to know about the latest and greatest

regarding RMH, including operational s

tatus, milestones, product developments,

added features and functions, planned future enhancements and integrations. PLUS, get a first look into key functionality inside the new headquarters solution called RMH Central, launching next quarter.

During this Webinar you will:

• Hear from Jeff Riley, the new CEO of Retail Management Hero, the company’s strategic growth strategies and initiatives
• See the RMH product roadmap
• Find out how to best channel your feature requests to our development team
• See a demonstration of RMH Central

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RMH iPOS launched with Shift4 & PayPal Here integration

RMH iPOS launches with Shift4 & PayPal Here payment integration 


Based on our successful RMS iPOS, RMH iPOS provides a highly sophisticated and integrated mobile POS for RMH.

Features of RMH iPOS include:

  • Full integration with Retail Management Hero (RMH)
  • Perform sales, quotes or work orders
  • Scan or enter your Physical Inventory count and sync back to RMH
  • Lookup or create Customers
  • Work Online with real-time synchronization, or Offline for synchronization later when connected
  • Scan barcodes using Socket Mobile‘s bluetooth connected scanners
  • Process Credit Cards through Shift4 or PayPal Here (more processors to follow)

Advantage Solutions Distribution becomes RMH Distributor for Australia & New Zealand

Retail Realm announces that effective September 1, 2017 Advantage Solutions Distribution will be the exclusive distributor of the Retail Management Hero (RMH) solution in Australia and New Zealand, as part of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. With 20+ years of expertise and expertise in providing software solutions to small-to-medium businesses (SMB), Advantage will focus on creating and building the partner/reseller channel throughout the region in order to meet retailers’ growing demand for RMH as their next-gen point-of-sale solution.

Company History:

Advantage Solutions was established in 1990 to offer retail solutions for the SMB space. At the beginning of 2007, the company adopted the software offering of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems (RMS) and developed a strong customer base in Australia and throughout Asia, catering to everybody from single store to 100+ store enterprises.

Advantage’s development team had developed solutions that extended RMS and included integrations to SAP, Microsoft GP and JD Edwards, as well as integrations to eCommerce solutions such as Magento and Zen Cart. They also created numerous RMS POS plug-ins to capture specific customer data or to extend the standard RMS functionality.  More recently, this included creating an iOS Point of Sale and Stock Take solution called RMS iPOS, that runs on either an iPad or iPhone.

RMH Distribution:

Earlier in 2017 Advantage became RMH-certified, is currently a member of the RMH Advisory Board (representing the APAC region) and has adopted RMH as the exclusive Retail solution for Australia and New Zealand. They have also converted their RMS iPOS to work with RMH, which is called RMH iPOS and is being offered by RMH globally.

Trust, Values & Support

Advantage has always focused on ensuring they have a high degree of knowledge on the products they offer, enabling them to provide a deep level of support and ensure customer retention for many years, some dating back to the 1990’s.


“We selected Advantage Solutions not only because they have been our long-time partner and have had so many successes in selling retail solutions, but also because their ethos is very similar to our company in terms of how they approach the channel, make customer service their top priority, resolve problems in a timely way and always look for new ways to innovate retail technologies – and the industry. We’re really excited to know they will lead the growth in that area of the world in the coming year,” said Afshin Alikhani, Chairman of Retail Realm.


Local Order Processing, Services & Training

With the addition of the RMH distribution, Advantage Solutions launched their distribution company, Advantage Solutions Distribution (www.asdisti.com.au) and will continue bringing the same level of focus to supporting their partners, resellers and customers in the RMH Channel in the APAC territories.

In addition to providing local order processing, they provide:

  • Support and training
  • Business development and sales support
  • Receipt and Report localisation
  • Development of integrations to applications that supplement RMH, such as MYOB accounting and Xero
  • Customised development

“We are thrilled to be the exclusive distributor for RMH in our region,” said Richard Maurer, Managing Director of Advantage Solutions. “We have found RMH to be the most effective and suitable solution for replacing RMS for our customers. It allows them to keep their full sales and customer history, as well as is the simplest and fastest solution to migrate to. RMH provides our customers with the ability to upgrade RMS to a modern Point of Sale and Retail solution.”

Adds Maurer: “We are excited by the product Roadmap and features being added and can finally say to our customers and prospects, with confidence, that we are providing them a solution that will continue to grow and adopt new technologies, allowing them to engage with their customers better and in new ways.  Our aim will be to make RMH the leading solution for small to medium retailers in this region. We know that we will need strong reseller partners to do this, and we will focus on working with and supporting this channel.”