Microsoft RMS will no longer be available for purchase after July 2021, even for existing RMS customers. If you are looking for retail solution focused on small to medium retailers, that maintains your existing investment in your data, your staff’s knowledge and your processes, then Retail Management Hero (RMH) is the most suitable solution. RMH provides the simplest path for migrating from Microsoft RMS to a new POS and Inventory / Stock control solution.

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Many of our RMS customers feel stuck. They want to keep their stock, sales, purchasing history and customer data (The Economist states “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”:, as well as their staff’s knowledge of the systems they are using and the procedures / processes they have developed.

Fortunately, RMH provides all the features of Microsoft RMS on a modern platform that is fast and intuitive. As well as Real-time communications (yes, no need to wait for Worksheets), RMH has extended many of the RMS’s features and has added an extensive loyalty platform and a mobile POS and inventory solution (RMH iPOS).

Unlike most alternative POS systems, since RMH focused on including many of the existing RMS terms and features, staff are very quickly productive and able to look after your customers with minimal training. The RMH POS can be used on a traditional computer and screen, replicating RMS’s function keys and keyboard, or via a touch screen POS.

Similar to Microsoft RMS, RMH provides a fully featured Retail Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Control solution for both a single store or multiple stores.  However, RMH encourages the many partners worldwide to develop integration to eCommerce platforms, accounting and ERP solutions and reporting platforms.  you can see some of the extensions and integrations available in the RMH Marketplace.


Connect RMH to eCommerce platforms, accounting and ERP systems, reporting solutions ..

The RMH Market Place exhibits some of the integrations and extensions developed and offered by RMH partners world-wide


The RMH Marketplace